Thursday, April 19, 2007

How 'bout a Spot of Blooming Tea?

I came across this awesome product I have to tell you about! Full Bloom Tea!

To quote the website, "Our hand tied Artisan teas "bloom" before your eyes into amazing drinkable floral bouquets. We use rare Silver Needle White Tea and premium flowers rich in antioxidants."

Each of these unique tea blooms are hand tied and wrapped in protective packaging that helps to keep moisture, light and air out, and locks in freshness, taste and aroma.

When you steep the ‘bloom’ in boiling water, the tea bloom twists, turns, moves and appears to “bloom” right before your eyes into a floral bouquet! Talk about a unique way to make tea!
According to the site they contain the finest rare Silver Needle White Tea leaves rich in antioxidants and are infused with beautiful dehydrated flowers such as Jasmine, Globe Amaranth and Marigold just to name a few which give additional flavors and health benefits.
These are mild teas and each tea bloom can be re-steeped up to 3 times each. And once you are done steeping and drinking, you can put the used bloom in a clear glass bowl with clean water and enjoy it as a centerpiece for an extra day or two.

They offer a really cool unique gift idea as well as a wholesale option for those with retail establishments.

I can hardly wait to order my own bloom!

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