Friday, March 30, 2007

Wrap It Up!

Gotta love soft tortilla shells for wrapping up a quick snack or meal.
You can pretty much wrap anything in these versitile shells. They come in 8" and approximatly 10" sizes.
Once you have placed your filling on the center, fold up one side about 1/8 of the way, this is the 'bottom', then roll from the side and voila! You have a wrap.
Some ideas of what to wrap:
~ Hot white chicken breast (cooked), drizzle ranch dressing and grated
cheese, 2-3 slices crispy bacon and wrap.

~ Any favorite chicken or tuna salad normally in a sandwich, spread on the
tortilla, fold and roll.

~ Peanut butter and Jelly for the kids!

~ Pizza wrap - 3 T pizza sauce, small handful of grated cheese, 6 pepperoni
slices. Fold end and roll. Microwave for 20 seconds or until hot. Do not over
heat as the edges will dry out.

~ Sprinkle grated cheese on the tortilla, spread on hot freshly scrambled
eggs, add chopped ham or crumbled cooked bacon and fold and roll.

~ Smores Wrap - Spread a thin layer of chocolate syrup or sauce on the
center, about 2" from the edges, sprinkle mini marshmallows and 1/8 cup crushed
graham crackers, fold and roll.

See what I mean? There are endless possibilities with a flour tortilla
shell! Let your imagination go wild!
If you have any other idea's for wraps please leave me comments with your ideas!

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